About me



During a wet day visiting Rippon in Yorkshire, Victor Priam introduced a group of us to his ceramics studio, and I made my first pot. I was 15.

Ceramics and throwing clay have been a hobby since then. So now, having moved back to the UK after 40 years abroad, I am starting to turn a hobby into a part of my life.

Short CV

I have created, developed and sold a credit rating agency in Russia, one of the most adverse economic and regulatory climates in the world.

  • RusRating was started from scratch in Moscow and became the premier local credit rating agency in Russia trusted by local and international banks, and the regulators.
  • The development of RusRating was a part of a movement within Russia to a law-based, civil society, and this lead to international conferences in New York. More recently (after my sale of the company), the social pendulum in Russia has moved the other way.

I was the chairman of the founding group for the CFA Association (Russia), and I served as its President for 10 years until I relocated to Hong Kong.

  • The CFA Association (Russia) was essentially an NGO with an elected governing council containing members from across the financial industry, including regulators and major banks.

I worked as a Vice-President for Citibank and created a rating methodology for assessing the corporate governance of Russian companies.

I worked at the leading Russian investment bank (Renaissance Capital) to create its bank analysis division, producing the first consistent analyses of Russia’s Sberbank – the largest bank in Russia. I have contributed to the development of Raku – a remarkable new programming language that has emerged from the very widely known and used Perl language.


I can be contacted by sending an email. Click on the link below to raise and email.